Giveaway: The Garden Of Darkness

With thanks to the amazing team at Ravenstone books, I have 4 copies of Gillian Murray Kendall’s amazing effort The Garden Of Darkness.

I’ve previously recommended the book, am a big fan, and am absolutely delighted to be able to offer this giveaway to you.

To enter, just follow the rafflecopter instructions below. There are two ways to enter – either with a Tweet or by commenting on this post.

Entries close at the end of the month and if you’re one of the lucky winners you’ll need to provide a mailing address and phone number.

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    Congratulations to the randomly drawn winners!

    Susan Rushing
    Midu Hadi
    Roxanne Barber
    Hazel Howorth

    I’ve sent each of you an email with details on getting your prize, so please be on the look out for it!

    And to the entrants who didn’t win, thank you for participating and hopefully you can take consolation in the fact that you found a great new website to keep coming back to.

    No really, I wasn’t joking…

    Take care everyone and thank you for entering!

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    I’m really, really interested in this book and I saw on the book page at Goodreads that you were having a contest. I don’t know if you have read “Midnight City” by J Barton Mitchell, but the premise of this book reminded me of that one only with an alien apocalypse. It’s very, very well-written and such a hidden gem. But anyway, very excited about this book and I hope that I win!! HEHE! THANKS!!! :)

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      Hi Batedave! Thanks for coming by. If you like the environmental apocalypse you’ll love the recommendations section with Joseph D’Lacey’s The Black Dawn series. Plus I managed to get the author to provide a guest post in I Will Survive (In the Articles section). I’m also planning to do a themed month for the environmental apocalypse before the end of the year as it is a timely subject.

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      Hi Rick thanks for coming by! After I get through Pandemic June (which looks like it’s going to run into July) I’ve got N.E.O. July, coinciding with the release of These Final Hours so keep that bookmark nice and visible!

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    Awesome website Captain Doomsday! Thanks for sharing the link on goodreads!

    I appreciate having a cool new Post Apocalyptic website to follow. I’m eager to start browsing the articles on this site. Thanks so much for inviting me,

    ~Jonathan Echevarria.

    • says

      Thanks Jonathan! The cheque is in the mail ;) I hope you enjoy the site and please let me know if you find something that needs improvement or you just don’t like. Appreciate your visit! And good luck in the draw!

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