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The Robots Of Gotham : Book Recommendation

Title: The Robots Of Gotham | Author: Todd McAulty | Publisher / Publisher: John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | Publication… The End Is Nigh… →

The Great American Eclipse – Just Like A Full Moon, Only Nuttier!

The theory that a Full Moon brings out the loony people has been debunked by more than a few sources… The End Is Nigh… →

Is the North American Eclipse a herald of the End of Days?

Ever since those early days that we rarely talk about anymore – when humanity was just taking its baby steps… The End Is Nigh… →

Why you should really fear the Blood Moon Tetrad

Blood. Moon. Tetrad. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? Or a bit like the name of a death metal band. And… The End Is Nigh… →

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